Small Dutch Tool Chest Build…first weekend…

Roubo benches & The Schwarz

Fri, 11/1, I traveled to San Marcos TX to attend a weekend class on building a small Dutch tool chest led by Chris Schwarz.  The class was all day Sat and Sun and it was fantastic!  Shawn Graham is the proprietor of Wortheffort school and he and his father Jack did an awesome job.  For starters, all 13 of us had Roubo benches, although Ron’s was a little suspect.  But he didn’t mind.   The benches were top notch with bench hooks, hold fasts, and new vises.  This class was the first I have ever attended and I really don’t know how it could be improved.

The first day we got dove tails laid out (which by the way Chris showed us a way of doing it that is dead easy and was worth the price of omission on its own), sawed, and chopped.  I wasn’t the fastest, but I wasn’t the slowest either.  Sun AM mine looked like this:


The rest of theLONG day Sun was spent gluing the case and getting it square, making the ship lapped back, drilling holes for screws for the back, cutting the upper front board, putting bead on everything (beading planes are WAY cool), cutting out the lock channel, cutting  the dado for the shelf, and making sure I had boards for the lower front and my lid.

I was really tired Mon, but I had a wonderful time and I learned a ton of stuff. The Schwarz has a habit of saying in print that he’s not a good teacher.  Don’t believe it.  He’s excellent and I’ve had a lot of teachers in my 52 years.  He will just about bend over backwards to help you if you need it or he’ll provide instruction and leave you alone.  If you get a chance to take a class from him, do whatever it takes to do it. You won’t regret it one bit.

The same goes for Shawn Graham and the Wortheffort School.  What a jewel of a place.  If you like wood working, sign up for a class from him. We need to give him all the support we can to ensure that his school makes it. He’s helping all of us and a new generation of wood workers

Tomorrow I’ll bring you up to date on the chest. All I lack now is the lid and the tool rack in the upper part.  Been a busy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Small Dutch Tool Chest Build…first weekend…

  1. I took the ATC class from Chris a couple years ago and agree with your assessment of his teaching 100%

    Great blog, by the way. Keep it up. Nothing like a new blog to keep you on your toes in the the shop!

    1. Hey Brian! Thanks for the Kudos. Good to hear from you and Happy Thanksgiving. You’re right about the blogging. It’s really helping my woodworking. I can’t thank you enough for your recommendation on sawing a few months ago. Keep in touch. I’ll shoot you an email shortly. Cheers brother,

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