Dutch Tool Chest…Tool Rack…

We’ll not much was done on the tool chest tonight. My male GSP, Mick, needed a 4 mile run and that took a bit out of me. But I did get started on it.

I ripped a piece of red oak to width, squared the cut edge up, and trimmed the length to fit on my shooting board. Now comes the agonizing part of deciding how to arrange the tool rack. What tools go where?! After a few minutes of futzing around with chisels, machinists squares, and screw drivers I said “screw it”. I’m going to try something and if it doesn’t work I’ll change it.

My tool kit is still relatively small, so I don’t have a lot of long pointy things to put in the rack: 2 screw drivers, 2 chisels, a scribe, a mechanical pencil and eraser, a marking gage, and a machinists square. I have a couple of rulers, a Japanese saw, and a coping to saw to mount on the back wall and lid. Then a till for my 3 back saws and if I have room left over, dividers for the planes. Stay tuned, I’ll have more Wed night.

– Charlie


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