Tool Chest Tool Rack…

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t do anything right? Yesterday was like that for me with the tool rack. One of the few positives from the work is I learned what not to do. And that is important. I had a nice piece of red oak 1″x4″x48″ that I wanted to cut length wise and across the width in order to rip it down further for dividers for my bench planes. I tried to make the cut by hand on the band saw at work. Big mistake. I should’ve rigged up a fence of some sort because I could not keep the blade straight in the vertical axis. The cut would be fine on the bottom of the board but off to the side at the top, or vice versa. At any rate, I ruined the board and learned a lesson.

Later at home I drilled two holes, at the ends of the board, to attach the rack to the back of the chest.

Uh problem! I put the holes to close to the ends and the side of the chest. I couldn’t fasten the screws to the back. Two more holes and this time I ended up stripping the Philips head of both screws with my drill driver. Turns out I should’ve made the clearance hole go all the way through my piece of oak and used flat head wood screws. Lesson number two.

Finally, I ended up drilling a few holes and pressure fit the rack in the chest. I had to have something to show today.

Ehh it’s ok and it will do for now. I’ll get it attached in the next day or and drill some more holes for long pointy things.

Later today I get my Lie-Nielsen crosscut carcase saw. Whoop! Perfect excuse to start on the saw till for the chest. Stay tuned, more to come.



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