Dutch Tool Chest…Saw Till…part 1…

Since I received my new Lie-Nielsen crosscut carcase saw yesterday, I decided to proceed on a saw till for the tool chest. After looking at a lot of pics on the web I decided on a fairly simple design. Now I haven’t used sketch up yet so you’ll have to pardon my hand drawings.

I liked the idea of the saws of the saws being on three different steps. We’ll see how it works out. For material, I used a piece of red oak I scavenged from a crate at work.

It planes up quite nicely and I love the idea of reusing the wood.

I then ripped the board to width and I was quite pleased with my sawing. It wasn’t that long ago that I wouldn’t even have attempted such a thing. I would’ve planed it down.

I cut 2 pieces to length with my new cross cut carcase saw and squared the ends up on the shooting board. I then marked the boards so I would always know how they are suppose to be oriented (I learned this in Chris’ class).

I then marked the waste and cut it out doing both pieces at once.


I left myself plenty of room so I wouldn’t over cut. It looks like I did on the crosscut for the lowest step but I didn’t. The back piece shifted on my bench hook when I was making this cut but it was in my favor. Lucky me! This lower steps is a sixteenth to tall, but I’ll fix that tonight. Stay tuned.


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