Dutch Tool Chest…Lid…Part 1…

First, I would like to say thank you to all of my recent new followers. I appreciate the interest and I hope everyone enjoys my blog and finds something useful and maybe even entertaining.

Last night during the SNF game I started on the lid for my Dutch Tool Chest. Everyone in my class at Wortheffort School had to use 2 boards for the lid, one full size and the other around 5-6″ in width. In the 2 weeks since the class I haven’t done anything with these boards. They weren’t perfectly flat across the width when we started, but close enough. So, the flatness across the width is the first thing I checked as #18 for Denver threw one of his many TD passes. Let’s just say Wichita Falls in north central Texas is a lot dryer than San Marcos, TX. It looked as though the full size board was cupped a 1/4″ at least and I didn’t know if I could make it work or not.

I hogged it down (that’s a highly technical way of saying I planed the s!?t out of it) a little last night and this morning before and finished up tonight. I was left with a flat board and Mt Poplar on my bench.


The thickness of this board was 3/4″ when I started and finished out at 5/8″. Removing 1/8″ doesn’t sound like a lot, but I guess it depends how big the board is. This board felt like a lot!
I had quite a few tool marks on both sides from my #5-1/2 Stanely so I hit them with my #4. It’s so cute compared to my #5-1/2 and such a breeze to use after pushing around that big brute.

The #4 got rid of the tool marks and left a nice smooth surface. That’s all I’m doing for tonight. I’m going to let the board set until tomorrow evening and then I’ll check it again. I want to see if it moves any. Next up is the smaller lid board. Got to take 1/8″ off of it and glue the two together. I’m going to use a spring joint that the Schwarz showed us. Stay tuned! More to come.



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