Easy Little Stuff on a Lazy & Cold Sunday afternoon…

Today I basked in the completion of my Dutch Too Chest and decompressed a little. Between watching football and keeping a fire going, I rubbed the chest down with two coats of Teak Oil and it turned out pretty good. The oil really made the dark areas pop.

I made some leather squares for my holdfasts, made a gage for my sharpening jig, and trimmed my mallet handle flush with the head.

The gage allows me to easily set the angle of my planes or chisels without having to use a ruler and verify the correct distance. Like so:

I’m hoping to have handles for the chest tomorrow. Have a wonderful day Mon. More tomorrow night, stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Easy Little Stuff on a Lazy & Cold Sunday afternoon…

    1. Thanks Jeff! I’m kind of liking the natural look myself. I had originally though of painting it orange with a coat of polyurethane, but my wife and sister in law talked me into leaving it as is. Just goes to show, women always know best. HA!


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