Handles for My Dutch Tool Chest…

My buddy at the Kalco plating line got my chest handles coated with black oxide today and they look great.

I stopped at the neighborhood hardware store to get some slotted screws (The handles came with Philips screws but I’ve used slotted on everything else so I wasn’t about to switch at this point. And the slotted do look better). I would’ve swore I had put one of the original screws in my coat pocket, but alas I didn’t. No worries, they’re about 3/4″ long. So that’s what I got, 3/4″ slotted screws. Ehhhhhnt! Wrong! They would’ve almost gone through the side wall of the chest.

The screw on the right is the original from the handles while the one on the left is what I bought tonight. And the store had closed by the time I discovered the error. Tomorrow I’ll get the correct screws and install the handles and that should pretty much wrap up the DutchTool Chest for me right now. In the next couple of days I’m going to glue up some panels for a child’s step stool I’m making for a friend. Stay tuned, more to come.



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