Saw Bench Touch Ups

Good morning fellow wood workers! It’s a beautiful day here in the Falls and I get to spend the day with my daughter Kate. We’re going to do some woodworking together and I’ll have a post or two on our escapades later on. I hope everyone here in America had a great Thanksgiving, I certainly did. And I managed to get some woodworking in too.

A few months ago, I built a saw bench. And it was the first project I did with typical joinery, dovetails and mortise/tenons.

I copied my bench off of the one Brian Tracey did at Kudos to him for an excellent design by the way. My tails and pins were still a “little” proud and I’ve been meaning to trim them flush for quite a while.

I started out using a plane on the pins and it worked pretty good but not so good on the tails. And I that was more than likely due to me not taking the time to position the bench so that I could work properly. I switched to a wide chisel and finished with a Japanese saw.

You can tell it’s not furniture quality work and that’s ok, it’s a saw bench. This design is really solid. Those big dove tails are very sturdy and the rail underneath the top is not needed for support at all. In fact, it gets in the way. Kind of like the skirt on some benches, it needs to more like a Roubo workbench. So I cut it off.

Today I’m going to cut 2 more 2x12s to go underneath the top and between the legs. They’ll be screwed to the top and then I’ll install dog holes for my holdfasts.
Stay tuned, more to come.


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