Woodworking with Kate…

Today was a treat. My daughter is in town for the Thanksgiving holiday and we spent the afternoon together doing some woodworking.

She’s marking locations for holdfast holes on the saw bench. The holes needed to be 3/4″ diameter and I drilled 4 with a spade bit.

I stopped after 4 because 3″ of southern yellow pine was too much for my cordless drill. Gee, if I only had a brace and some bits? I’m beginning to see a trend here. At this point, Kate wanted to move on to something more exciting. So we made her a business card holder that I saw on instructables.com.


They’re basically like a box of cereal with the top off, 3 pieces of wood sandwiched together. The middle pieces is U shaped and we used red oak. I found this project to be hard because the material is so thin, but we plowed our way through. In the end it was a grand time. Kate loves her card holder and we had a great day together. Not much else I want out of life. Check back to tomorrow for more adventures.


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