A Very Special Egg-Beater Drill…part 2…

Growing up in Wichita Falls in the late 60s and early 70s (I’m 52), my brother and I we’re fortunate enough to have our maternal grandmother just a few blocks away. We would often walk or ride our bikes to her house and spent quite a bit of time there. She had this magical old detached garage at the back of the lot. She loved to garden and watch birds so there was a small secret window you could open to watch birds at the fountain. An old wooden work bench with a leg vise was in one corner but the coolest item was an old green tool chest. The lid was heavy, for a 6yr old anyway, and the inside smelled funny, but oh the tools inside! Stuff I had no idea what they were used for, except for the long corkscrew things. I knew they were something for a drill of some kind.

As the years went by, I learned that my mom’s grandfather was a carpenter and these tools belonged to him. He worked off and on at Sheppard AFB. My grandmother died in ’76 and we moved into the house and the green chest was always there. Then in 1998 mom retired and sold the house. My two uncles came and got most of the tools, except for a few that my wise brother managed to sneak away, one of which is this drill.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always known I wanted to make things with my hands. My mom had a college degree but my dad didn’t. although they both knew the value of an education as children of the depression. Naturally they encouraged my brother and I to go to college and we have 4 degrees between us. However, genes and human instincts are powerful forces. I still want to make things with my hands and in doing so I feel at home with myself. This Yankee 1530A egg beater drill means the world to me. It’s a family legacy and tradition passed down. And I’m proud and tickled to death to carry the tradition on with myself and my children. Here’s to woodworking and making stuff with our hands. Check back tomorrow for more.


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