Saw Bench Touch Ups…part 1.5…

Not much going on in the wood shop tonight. I was almost home for the evening when I got a call from my renters. The glass in the back door broke, again. It was an easy fix, but required a bit of back and forth driving and ate into my shop time. However, I did get a new 3/4″ speed bore bit for hold fast holes when I picked up the new glass.

After a bite to eat and a little Monday Night Football, I started to make more holes in my saw bench. But alas I came up short. The clutch on my trusty drill driver is kapoot. So tomorrow I’ll borrow a drill driver from work and finish these holes and also begin looking for a brace. I know nothing of these animals though. Can anyone recommend a good starting source? Thanks in advance and check back tomorrow.


PS: As I was writing this entry, my wife brought me my mail. A new copy of Joseph Moxon. 👍👍😁😁😎



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