Step Stool for Zeke…

Zeke is 14 months old and his dad works with me. Jaymi is about the age I was when my daughter was born and he feels like a son to me. So it’s been on my mind for a while to make something for Zeke. The company we work for has a mountain of left over wooden shipping baskets and the wood is red oak. Perfect combination! I can make something for Zeke and recycle some wood. Due to the construction of the baskets/crates, I’m able to get a dozen pieces of 1x4x18″ red oak from each one. The pieces are very weathered,

a little rough, and sometimes twisted, but they clean up really well. I decided to build a two step stool with dovetails on each step. And it took a little longer than I had planned to prepare the individual boards for glue up into panels. But it was good practice and I enjoyed it. My Dutch tool chest class interrupted this project for a month and my sterling memory, I forgot to borrow a drill driver from work today to finish my saw bench, allowed me to take up this project again tonight. My clamp supply only allowed me to glue up one panel tonight.

But I have the other panel ready to go for tomorrow night.

Beginning Thu evening, we’re expecting 4-5 days of very cold weather with a strong chance of ice a couple of days. So I’m going to have a very good opportunity to finish this project in the coming days. I’ll try again tomorrow for the drill driver. Be safe and go make something.


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