Step Stool for Zeke…part 2…

Got my first panel completed Wed morning and it turned out ok, but I forgot to put clamps on to prevent bow up.

It’s not much and I’m fairly certain I can make it work. I’ll know more Thu evening. Panel number two is glued and clamped. I’ll release it in the morning before work.

Tomorrow evening, I’ll cut the sides out and touch up the surfaces and maybe even get the dove tails laid out. I still need to glue up two smaller panels for the steps. After this project is complete I want to work on my clamping system. I need to make some jigs and or appliances so I can be more efficient and organized. I have a couple of things in mind but I need to do a little more research. And as always, I’m very open to suggestions.
I did get 1.5 additional hold fast holes drilled on my saw bench before the battery on the drill crapped out (I forgot the charger).

Two steps forward and one step backward. 😁 The speed bore bit and the hold fasts work great. This saw bench is really growing on me.
If you’re in the US and expecting cold weather the next few days like we are in Wichita Falls, stay warm and be safe. It’s going to be cold and dangerous in places. I’ve got a bunch of fire wood inside and ready to go for this weekend. Check back tomorrow and have fun making something.


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