Step Stool for Zeke…Part 3…

I had a great evening tonight working on Zeke’s step stool. It was good to be inside on a cold wintry night. Wichita Falls, like a lot of the US, is under the grip of a major snow storm. Not much precipitation, but it’s cold and windy for here.

I cleaned a bit of glue off of each panel and smoothed each outside face. Then I clamped the boards together and trued my reference edge, which is the back edge of each panel. In the pic below, I’m squaring the two panels bottom end grain.

My reference mark is on the edge in the fore ground and points to the top. So in this pic, the stool is upside down and the front is facing away. The Schwarz demonstrated this marking technique in the Dutch Tool Chest class I took recently and I really like it. I was able to square the front, bottom, and back panel edges. Tomorrow I’ll cut out the two steps and get prepared to gang cut the tails.

I like this pic because it looks like The Duke is watching over me. He was my hero growing up and I still like him. With the cold weather here, I’m hoping to get a lot of woodworking done in the next couple of days. So check back often to see how I’m progressing on Zeke’s step stool. I hope I can deliver it on Mon. Have fun and be safe.


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