Step Stool for Zeke…Part 5…

WOW! It’s been a busy day and a half for me working on this step stool. And I’ve learned a lot: My next major tool purchase will be a shoulder plane, make a separate finished panel for the side of each step and then glue together to form the completed side (I would’ve avoided a lot of frustration yesterday if I had done construction this way, lesson learned), when making panels thickness needs to be as close as possible before glue up, when making panels orientation of each boards grain direction/run out is very important (you don’t want side by side boards having opposite run outs, trust me on this one), knots are not your friend (from now on I will choose the wood for my projects very carefully).

Here’s a pic of the side panels with the steps cut out. I planed the end grain to length for the top step and chopped the bottom step to the correct height. Here’s where I learned some of the lessons up above. Improvement of my sawing would have prevented some of these problems.
When I got to this point I realized I had not glued up the panels for the steps. D’oh! I needed 4 boards to make the steps and I had only roughed out 3. Another D’oh! Luckily I had another reclaimed board in the house that I could use, begrudgingly though. It had a knot in it that I had to use, twisted a little, and opposing run out. Sigh. Again, lesson learned. So started with the easier of the two steps first.

I’m quite proud of this panel/step. It’s flat and square all around and I used a spring joint and one clamp to glue it. Yeah! And the second panel came together after a little work.

The lighter colored board with purplish spots was the problem board. That brings everyone up to speed for now. Up next is laying out dovetails and cutting them. Stay tuned, more a little later today.


2 thoughts on “Step Stool for Zeke…Part 5…

  1. Been there and done that on the varying grain directions! Actually, when you work with flat-sawn wood, you’ll get that a lot, even on the same board…but the look of the board can be so nice. Good working around it though! You’re off to a good start!

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