Step Stool for Zeke…Part 6…

My next task for this project was to cut a shallow rabbet on the INSIDE of the tails. Can you guess what I did? Yep, the very first rabbet I cut was on the wrong side. I should’ve checked my reference mark. I had two choices now: 1) Redo my reference mark and proceed as if nothing had happened. This choice is the easiest too. 2) Keep my reference mark but lower the height of the upper step about 1/2″. I chose 1). At this point there are so many things I will do different in the future on the next ones that it really doesn’t matter now. This step stool is like my first wife, a practice one. 😜 I know, I know, that comment was bad. It’s not her fault I was an immature idiot. But that’s a whole other story!

After scribing my gage line, I came back with a chisel and made a little cut up to this line. And then used my skewed rabbet plane to cut the shallow rabbet. Except this rabbet plane and I do not get a long well at all.

I envision nice curly shavings coming out as I cut across the grain. Not. I get splinters. Might as well use a chisel, so I did. I think I need remedial rabbet plane work because I’m quicker with the chisel. At any rate, the shallow rabbets on the INSIDE of the tails are done.

Check back tomorrow, I’m going to lay out the tails and start cutting them. More to come.


4 thoughts on “Step Stool for Zeke…Part 6…

    1. You’re absolutely right Brian. Also, this plane is my first wooden plane and we’re still getting to know each other. One of my problems is I have trouble setting the depth of the cut or blade. I keep getting too much. And then the blade has to be .001-.002″ proud on the right side. Hard for me to get everything right and set. I’ll keep plodding along though.

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