A Swing and a Miss…Hey Batter Batter Batter….

Well fellow wood workers, production at the Mesquite St Wood Shop was non existent today. I had not one but two! plumbing problems to attend to after work today. I got wet, cold, and very muddy but I fixed one, the other I’m not so sure about.

Brian Eve, who has an excellent blog by the way, commented on my skewed rabbet plane. It got me to thinking during work today and I found a very nice short video on YouTube by Phil Edwards of Philly Planes. He talks about setting up and adjusting a wooden plane. The video’s intro music is very cool as well. I’m going to try his recommendations in the next few days and I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on my findings.

I want to close with a pic of one of my very favoritist tools, my mallet.

It’s made out of pecan from a tree in my back yard that passed last year due our 3 year drought. My kids lived in this tree and I have a lot of found memories of it. So it’s fitting that I have a piece of it. Enjoy. Tomorrow, dovetails!



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