Step Stool for Zeke…Part 7…

Gosh, part 7! You’re probably as tired of reading about this darn thing as I am about working on it. But I’m too far into it now to quit. I’m gonna finish this step stool one way or the other. First item on the to do list after work today was to finish the plumbing problem from last night that didn’t get fixed. My kitchen sink was stopped up and my buddy Wayne Barnett took care of me.

Next, I cut a shallow rabbet on each of the lower steps. And they both went very smooth, kind of surprised me.

I’m definitely becoming more comfortable and confident in cutting rabbets with a chisel. I have 3 paring chisels and they are my tool of choice for this job. Their long flat face allows me to go from one end to the other very efficiently without having to move the work or the chisel.

I then laid out tails on the upper step of one panel and called it a night.

One reason is I’m not too sure about this configuration. It just doesn’t look right i think. The outboard pins are way bigger than the two on the inside. And I usually like to have my tails and pins a little more even. I may have to go with more tails. Check back tomorrow. I’m going to lay out some other variations. Be safe.


4 thoughts on “Step Stool for Zeke…Part 7…

  1. Hi Charlie, I have been enjoying watching this build. It’s neat to see what this project is teaching you, and I am learning something in the process.

    One recommendation I would make, would be to reverse your pin/tail orientation so your stepped boards have the pins on them, rather than the tails as you have pictured. That way, the power of the dovetail will help hold it together when sideways pressure is applied.

    1. Hey Brian! I actually thought about locating the tails on the steps for the reason you suggested, but I talked myself out of it. D’oh! I started thinking about my tool chest and decided to build it that way. But at this point it is not too late to switch. This step stool will be for me I think.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog and project progression, that’s exactly why I decided to go for it. I thought perhaps other “newbie” woodworkers, or those thinking about it, would like to see a blog from someone similar, with all of the warts and hiccups documented along the way. I’m amazed at how much I am learning by documenting my work, and it’s fun! What’s next on your project list? Have a great day!

      1. Hey Charlie,

        I’m working on a dining table, and boy am I learning a lot!

        I always enjoy building something twice. One really learns a lot doing it, and all of the “next time I’m gonna…” stated in the internal commentary seem to go wasted if left out.

        Just wait, though, I bet this project turns out much better than you are thinking it will at this point.

        Have you seen Dyami’s blog? He’s building virtually the same project as you right now.

      2. Well Brian I can’t wait to see some updates on your table. What kind is it and what type of wood are you using? I did not know about Dyami’s blog, but I will definitely check it out tonight.

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