Step Stool for Zeke…Part 8…

This AM I received some wonderful encouragement and excellent suggestion from Brian Eve at toolerable. Brian’s blog is excellent by the way. He correctly pointed out that I needed to have my tails on the steps and not the sides. Initially, this orientation was my first choice but for some reason I decided they need to be like my tool chest, or a book case, and be on the sides. Then this morning after reading Brian’s suggestion I looked at my saw bench. D’oh! Tails are on the seat/step.

Things like that are why this blog is a “Beginners Adventures in Woodworking”. So tonight I swallowed my pride, again (I hate the taste of crow feathers), and laid out the tails on one of the steps.

This orientation will look better and function correctly. I’m not sure if I will get any woodworking done Fri PM. I have a work Christmas party to attend. I won’t be out late but I’ll probably be tired by the time I get home. Sat should be a productive day though. Until next time, be safe and go make something.


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