Step Stool for Zeke…Part 9…A Bunch of Tails & A Few Pins…

It’s only been two days since I’ve written anything here on the blog, but it feels a lot longer though. Sat Morning and evening I cut tails on the two steps. I started off with shallow rabbets on the bottom side of each step at both ends. But this time I used my wooden skewed rabbet plane. I applied what I learned from Phil Edwards video and the execution and result was much better.

There may be hope yet for this plane and me. The lay out and marking of the tails was same as always except I used my new marking knife and dovetail jig, both of which I like a lot.

When I cut the shoulders for the tails I was careful to make a notch on the waste side of the gage line to aid in the facilitation of this first class cut. I used my Lie-Nielsen cross cut saw and concentrated mightily on keeping the blade vertical and tracking smoothly (I’ve had trouble with this cut in the past). All in all I was quite pleased with the outcome of these dovetails. Everything was square and I had only a few touch ups to do. Easily some of my best so far. I’m sure I haven’t gotten all of my bad ones out though.

I should’ve quit while I was a head, but where is the fun in that!? I was anxious to get one set of pins cut to check fit up. Everything went fine but I got a little too close to a couple of lines and I have a couple of pins that aren’t super tight.

But glue and some clamps should fix that issue. I won’t have another update until Mon evening. I’m going out of town on Sun and will get in late. Have fun and make some things.


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