Step Stool for Zeke…Part 10…tails & pins for one step done…

I received an early Christmas present from my son in law yesterday, tickets to the Packers & Cowboys game. We had a great time! Thanks again AJ. I made a little progress on the step stool this evening. I transferred the remaining tails from the upper step to the side panel and cut and chopped the pins free.

Although this step stool has been some what of a pain in the patookus, I have really learned a lot and I can tell some of my skills have improved, for example cutting dovetails. One of the many things I learned from The Schwarz at the tool chest class is what makes a good dovetail, talent and practice aside. One, tail and pin floors 90° to the reference face. This requirement seems pretty basic, but until Chris showed me how to check it, I didn’t fully grasp it. Second, same thing for the tail sides. They need to be perpendicular to the face. Checking your tails and pins with a combination square will show you real quick where you are. It has really helped me with my dovetailing.

Above is a pic of the step stool with the top step just started in the dovetails. It feels really good to get to this point. I’m getting close. Check back tomorrow. My goal is to knock out both sets of pins for the lower step tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday.


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