Step Stool for Zeke…Part 13…getting ready for half tails…

My repair job came together without a hitch. I cleaned up a small amount of glue squeeze out and then touched up the pins so the tails fit. I then turned my attention to the last two pieces of this build, the cross pieces located at the bottom and front of the lower step and the bottom and back of the upper step. After a few quick passes with my plane the board was the required thickness and ready to be ripped in two. I’ve learned that this sort of situation is where my saw bench really shines.

The hold fasts really secure the board to the bench and allow me to fully focus on sawing in a straight line. Since I started hand tool woodworking almost a year ago, I’ve been teaching myself, and learning, how to saw with my left hand. Everything else I do, I am right handed though. I made this switch because I am left eye dominate and I have struggled all my life trying to saw with my right hand. I couldn’t saw a straight line to save my life. It didn’t matter if it was a panel saw or a circular saw, it was ugly and crooked. But not any more! I’m not perfect, but I’m way better than before. And the process was not near as difficult as you might think. It came very naturally and I am a lot more confident in my sawing capabilities.

This one foot rip cut took less than 3 minutes. I then made the cross pieces six sided square and laid out the half tail on each end of each board in anticipation of cutting them tomorrow evening or Sat AM.

Cross your fingers! I just might get this step stool glued up this weekend. I’ll be back soon, be safe.


4 thoughts on “Step Stool for Zeke…Part 13…getting ready for half tails…

  1. Just in time for Christmas!

    How do you plan to finish it?

    I’m glad the left handed sawing thing is working out. In the Army I learned to shoot left handed for exactly the same reason. I just haven’t gotten the hang of sawing that way, though. I am in the process of trying to train my right eye to take over while sawing. So far, with little success. However, I just got new bifocals for the first time, I am hoping that this will help.

    1. I’m not sure about the finishing Brian. I know very little about it so I’m open to suggestions. Yeah your story about learning to shoot left handed is what convinced me to give it a go. Ahh bifocals, welcome to the club haha. They definitely help. I like mine. How’s the table? Any knew news?

      1. This walnut is turning out to be a lot more difficult than I expected. It is coming along, but slowly.

        I finished an oak table similar to the table I am now working on. The finish was really nice. I used boiled linseed oil to bring out the color, and topped it with paste wax. Very easy to apply and maintain.

        I would suggest it for your footstool, but you might want something a bit more durable. On the other hand, it just takes a minute to renew if it gets beat up a bit. Try some on a piece of scrap!

      2. Perfect! I was hoping you would suggest something like that. Ronda has buckets of boiled linseed oil in her studio and I have some furniture wax. I will definitely give it a go. Maybe I can deliver Mon AM.

        Sorry for the struggles with the table. Any luck with a scraper? I’ve not used one yet, but I’ve heard they can be quite handy.

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