Step Stool for Zeke…Part 14…Glued Up…Hooray!…

After arriving home this afternoon from visiting family Sat & Sun, I was able to cut the half dovetails and pins on the cross pieces.

And then I glued it up. I’ve been ready for this part of the project for a long time. And it turned out much like I expected.

Ehhhh, so so. If I stay at least 4-5′ away from it, I like it. Closer examination reveals some glaring errors. Parts that I am not very proud of.

I didn’t get all of the tails fully seated and I had one cross piece pin on the backside split off. I was able to tape and glue it back on, but it still irritated me. There are a few other oopsies here and there. Most people would not even notice them but I do. Honestly, at times I feel like throwing it in the fire place and burning it, but I’m not. Tomorrow I’m going to finish it with some linseed oil and furniture polish and then I’ll decide what to do with it. I’m definitely going to build a couple more, but I’ll start off with 1×6″ boards. Be safe and check back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Step Stool for Zeke…Part 14…Glued Up…Hooray!…

  1. Hi Charlie, you’re almost there! Don’t get too frustrated yet.

    Now the real artful part of the project aproaches: fixing the parts you aren’t so happy with.

    Wedges are your friends. Also, if worst comes to worst, you can use wood putty and finish the piece with paint.

    However, I suspect that functionally it is sound, and the intended recipient will be thrilled. We are our own worst critics. Use what you learned next time and allow yourself to be proud of what you did on this one.

    1. Thanks Brian, I really appreciate the encouragement and help. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about trying to fix it, but that’s a good idea. I may be able to camouflage some of the oops. I’ll keep you posted. How’s the table?

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