New Woodworking tools from Santa Claus!…

I must’ve been a fairly good boy this year. Because Santa Claus brought me some new woodworking tools.

Two chisels, one is on back order (I think the elves in Warren ME are running a little behind) and a ruler and machinist square from Starrett.

The Lie-Nielsen chisel in the picture is a 3/16″ size while my 1/2″ should be here in 7-10 days. These are my first Lie-Nielsen chisels. I used The Schwarz’ 1/2″ at the tool chest class I attended and absolutely loved it. These chisels are very well made and just feel great in your hand. The horn beam handles are very light weight and I’m told very tough. I chose these two sizes because I use a cheapo 1/2″ chisel for just about all of my chisel needs. I have 3 larger Buck Brothers paring chisels if I need a wider one, but I almost always go for the 3/4″ one. So just a couple of chisels works really well for me. On this last project I realized I needed a small chisel, hence the 3/16″. I’ll let you know how they are as I get more time with them.

The 6″ ruler was a spur of the moment add on to my order. And I’m glad I got it. I like using a 6″ ruler. I got the idea for the 4″ machinist square from the tool chest class as well. A couple of other students had them and I was able to try one. They are very handy for checking squareness of dove tails and corners in small places. I chose Starrett for two reasons. One, their legendary quality and two, they’re made in America. They’ll last forever and who knows, maybe my future grand kids will use them.

It’s almost Christmas here in the Falls. I hope everyone has a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Tomorrow I’m off of work and I’m going to do some finishing on the step stool and maybe start on my next project, a small run of some mallets. Stay tuned, be safe, and check back soon.


2 thoughts on “New Woodworking tools from Santa Claus!…

  1. Nice choices! You’ll use that 1/2″ Lie Nielsen for practically everything, and you are right about the Starret stuff. Except, you shouldn’t kid yourself. After you’re gone, they’ll wind up on a garage sale table for $.25 each. :o)

    Merry Christmas!

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