Projects for 2014…

New Year’s Day, my wife and I are talking on the phone with my step daughter. Steph and her husband had set 14 goals as a couple for 2014. We didn’t go over them all, some were of a personal nature I was told. Oh to be young again! Well she got me to thinking about my woodworking and what I want to accomplish this year. So here goes, my 2014 goals for the Mesquite St Woodshop.

1) Roubo work bench. I got to use a Roubo bench at the Dutch Tool Chest class I took in Nov and I really liked it, especially the holdfasts. This goal will probably be one of my first this year. I look at it as a right of passage of sorts and plus I need a bench with some better holding capabilities.

2) Moxon vise. I used one of these at the tool chest class too. Definite must have. My friend Mark Glass built one recently with Bench crafted hardware and he likes it. I will probably go this route as well.

3) Additional woodworking classes. We woodworkers are a solitary group for the most part and I count myself at the front of the class. It’s good to learn on our own,but it’s also important to socialize and learn from others. I like the celebrity led classes. I get to hear from the experts and build something cool. I’d like to take two or three classes this year. So far I’m signed up for a Jeff Miller chair class in May.

4) Jewelery chest. This goal is a request from my wife, Ronda. She saw one of these a few months ago and wants one similar.

Right now I look at this chest and it scares the poop out of me. Way more complex than anything I’ve done to date. I’ve begun the research though and I’m not quite as overwhelmed. It looks doable. Might not get started on it until this fall or winter. HA!

5) Step stools. As I’ve mentioned in other blog entries, I want to be able to make these for the young couples with kids that I know.

6) Campaign furniture. Chris Schwarz has really peaked my interest in this style of furniture, particularly the trunks. Very much looking forward to his book being published this year.

7) Panel saw. They’ve always intrigued me, but I never used a sharp one until last summer. I have two, one filed rip and the other cross cut, both Disstons. I built a saw vise, got a file, and learned to sharpen a saw. I started with the rip saw and I was amazed. It cut through a 2×12 like a hot knife through butter. Well now I’m borderline obsessed with them and I want to make one of my own.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow night I’ll reveal the final 7 goals. Be safe and check back again soon.


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