Cutting Board and a Hole in My Head!…

First, I am feeling way better than I have all week. Very glad to have this bug over with. Watched a lot of good football while I worked this weekend, but my Packers lost. Better luck next year I suppose.

Made a little bit of progress on the mallet head. I marked off the handle location and drilled a pilot hole.

The wood coming out of this hole was so wet, which I figured it would be. Going to give it a day or so before I begin chopping the remainder. Used my table top drill press to make the hole. Still haven’t gotten my drill driver fixed or been able to get a brace. But not for lack of trying. Since Christmas, I’ve tried to purchase a brace online twice with no luck. So today I ordered a cordless drill via Lowes. It should be here later in the week and I’ll give a full report next weekend.

I made quite a bit of progress on the cutting board today, ready for glue up tomorrow. The 2 boards were the same thickness, but not the same width. Using a divider and a little trial and error, I marked off each piece into 4 strips and then ripped them out on the band saw. I squared these cuts with my plane and a marking gage. And I was impressed with the fit I could get between each strip. They all passed the light gap test with flying colors.

The walnut is cut in this picture as well, but the pieces are squeezed together. Tomorrow I’m getting glue and I’ll arrange the boards like so for the first glue up. Minus pencil marks of course.

Once the glue is dry, I’ll cut 7 strips perpendicular to the initial ones. These final strips will be parallel to the end in this picture.

I’ll rotate the strips 90° and glue them side by side to give a flat surface with end grain. It may be hard to visualize now, but once you see it, it’s fairly easy and an elegant way to accomplish the goal.

Have a great Mon. Be safe and check back soon.


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