Late Christmas Presents Mean New Tools…

7PM Mon evening the UPS truck showed up at my house. Two late Christmas presents from me to me. 🙂

20140114-225017.jpg I love these kinds of presents. One is a Grace 7 piece set of precision screwdrivers from The Best Things for wood screws #2 – #14. Since I’ve started using slotted screws on my woodworking projects, I’ve wanted some nice screwdrivers and these fit the bill. And they’re American made! If you’ve never tried a ground screwdriver in a slotted screw,

20140114-231338.jpg i.e. a screwdriver made for that size screw, do yourself a favor and try one. You will be hooked. They make slotted screws a joy to use.

Next up was my back ordered 1/2″ chisel from Lie-Nielsen. What can I say. Their stuff is primo. The tool is like a work of art. I like to just sit and admire it. This LN chisel will replace my el cheapo I started with. Cheaply is being retired to the tool bucket. 95% of my chisel duties are done with a 1/2″ chisel and I’m excited to have such a quality tool.

Because of these additions, I decided to redo my tool wrack in the DTC. I ripped a piece of red oak from a larger board I had on hand using my Disston and saw bench. 26″ took around 12 minutes, a good work out. {Side bar: I really like using my saw bench with hold fasts!} A little planing to get to proper dimensions and I set about planning how many, where, and what size holes for my tools. I ended up with this:

20140114-231016.jpg Spots for my new screwdrivers, layout tools, and chisels. Plus a little room for a few additional tools. Tomorrow I’ll finish the rack and get it installed.

Next up is another step stool, but this time from S4 poplar. No prep work involved, only joinery. I’m interested to see how quickly and easily this next one goes. I’m hoping a lot smoother. Don’t worry though, this project won’t drag on in my blog like the last one. Be safe.


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