Step Stool No. 2.0…

I started on step stool number 2 by cutting all of the pieces to length but two, the cross rails. I kind of went nutzo over the holidays buying some tools that I’ve been lusting for. One of which is a Disston No. 12 crosscut. Not a D-12, but a No 12. The No. 12s are older and were produced during Disston’s golden years, so I’m told. I found one on eBay for a price I could handle and pulled the trigger. It’s 11 tpi and I used it tonight to cut these boards to length. OMG! It’s the sweetest panel saw I’ve ever used.

20140116-224318.jpg Granted Poplar is not too hard of a wood to cut, but I noticed a difference compared to my D-7.

Tomorrow I’ll lay out the dove tails and maybe even start them. First I need to rip the rails to width and then six square. My goal on this project is to have the stool assembled by Sat evening in 8hrs or less. One hour used so far, but I’m not sweating it too much. Have a great Fri and be safe.


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