Step Stool No. 2…Part Two…

I got a lot done on the second step stool today. Tails and pins all laid out, cut, cleaned up, and glued.




I’m very pleased with my dovetails. I still have room for improvement. A couple of the tails did not get cut perpendicular to the board face, I need to make some tail clamping cauls, and I need to remember to put glue on the inside face of the outer pins. I also want to investigate removing as much waste as I can with a coping saw. The closer I can get to the base line and the less chopping I have to do, the quicker I’ll be. That’s my bottle neck in the dovetail making process right now. Tomorrow, I’ll make the two cross pieces, complete the half dovetail, and glue both halves together. And with any luck, I’ll get some finish on the step stool. Stay tuned and be safe.


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