Step Stool No. 2…Finished…

It’s always the last little things to do that I think won’t take long that end up taking longer than I want. I glued the two steps together and went about making rails for the front and back. Got two identical rails and put the first one up to mark off the top of my half tails and my base lines and I realized quickly that I measured my rail length from the inside and not the outside. Back to the lumber yard for another board to complete the project. I made a couple of other mistakes but they were easily corrected. On one tail, I used the wrong side of the marking gage. My angled line was going out instead of in. No biggie though.





It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good and I’m proud to let it leave my shop and put my name on it. The last pic shows the stool with teak oil on it. Tomorrow night I will put some polyurethane on it and deliver it Tue. This was a fun little project and I’m glad to get it done instead of dragging on. Next up, I’m going to start on a drawer for the lower compartment of my tool chest. Be safe.


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