Dutch Tool Chest Drawer…

Back in Nov when I took the Dutch Tool Chest class from The Schwarz, he left the overall height of the chest up to us. Because some people like to put a drawer in the lower compartment and others don’t. A friend and I decided to allow for a drawer. It’s going to go right above my mallet.

I have 3.5″ of height to work with and prior to last night, I knew very little about drawer construction. But I found a great little book by Bill Hylton at Popular Woodworking, “The Drawer Book”. I got the downloadable version for $15 and started plowing through it. I had no idea there is so much that goes into making a drawer.

I’m using 7/8″ red oak for the front and 1/2″ poplar for everything else. Below is the piece I’ll use for the drawer front.

The sides will be attached to front with half blind dovetails and through dovetails for the back. Lie-Nielsen hasn’t come out with their plow plane yet so I’m going to cut a 1/4″ dado/groove for the bottom by hand. I’m really glad I have that 3/16″ chisel now. I’ll use a solid wood bottom and extend it out the back to allow room for seasonal changes. At the moment, I’m going to use side mounted runners. So I may need to go with 3/4″ sides. I need to do more reading to be sure.

On a side note, I delivered step stool no. 2 to Zeke’s parents and they were thrilled with it. I asked for a pic of him using it. As soon as I get one I’ll post it. Tomorrow evening I need to make a slight improvement to redneck leg extensions and then I’ll work on trimming the front piece up so I can get it in the compartment. Still not sure about the height. I may need to go a little smaller. Be safe and make something cool.


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