Dutch Tool Chest Drawer…Part Two…

I didn’t get as much done tonight as I hoped. Had a honey-do to do first and then I had to stop and resharpen the plane iron on my no. 8. I was using it on my shooting board to trim my drawer front to length and it just wasn’t cutting it (pun intended). But after a few minutes all was well and I trimmed the front board enough so it would fit into the lower compartment.

I checked the fit of the board by resting it on two clamps as you can see in the picture above. I need to check Hylton’s book to verify how much clearance I need; I don’t think I have enough.

I had just enough poplar for the two side pieces. They’re rough cut to length but still need to be ripped to rough width and squared before beginning the side to front and side to back joinery.

20140123-223702.jpg I’m hoping to knock this drawer out before the weekend is over. But I’ve never made a drawer before so I’m crossing my fingers. If it’s cold where you are these next couple of days, be careful and stay warm.


6 thoughts on “Dutch Tool Chest Drawer…Part Two…

  1. Hi Charlie,
    everytime I check your blog I am amazed that you haven’t posted anything about your bench failing. I can’t believe that two screws in a piece of oak (on two edges)is all that is holding the bench up.

    1. Hey Ralph! A couple of other readers also made me aware of the potential hazards and error of my leg extensions. D’oh! I fixed it last night but forgot to post a pic. I’ll show the correction tonight. Everyone’s good for something. At least I can be the example if what not to do. HA! I really do appreciate all of the help though. Have a great day.

  2. Charlie,
    What was your process for the finish of the chest. Did you have to take all the screwed on parts off and apply the finish or did you apply the finish with everything in place? Nice work by the way.

    1. Hi Frank,
      Thank you for the compliment sir. It’s always nice to have your work appreciated. I did not take the screws out. On my chest, the parts that have no glue are the top two pieces of the back. The bottom board has glue along its bottom edge and the front piece has glue all the way around. I can’t remember if the handles were attached or not. For the finish, I used Teke Oil I bought at Walmart and followed the directions on the can. It seems to make the darker areas pop and after it had soaked in and dried I rubbed it down good with a cotton cloth. I did that twice. Initially, I was going to paint it, but I’m glad I didn’t. I really like the natural look of the wood. Frank, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m more than willing share what I’ve done. Have a great day.

      1. Charlie, Right now I’m about to attach the hinges and then paint. Do you have any tips on the installation of the hinges. It looks like you got the same ones I did. By the way, nice work on step stool 2.0.

      2. Thanks again Frank. Just take your time Frank and don’t get in a hurry. That’s always been my biggest problem. I’m pretty sure I started with the body first. Make sure you get the barrell of the hinge oriented the right way when you go to lay out your lines and start cutting. Holler if you have more questions.

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