Dutch Tool Chest Drawer…Part 3…

I’ve been reading a book, The Drawer Book, by Bill Hylton to help me with this project and tonight I learned a very easy method for fitting a drawer front piece to a case. According to this book, drawers should easily slide in and out without any catches or glitches and have a reveal, the gap between the drawer and case, of around 1/16″. Now if the case is square, fitting the drawer parts is no problem. But, cases are never perfectly square. Enter the bevel. By registering the bevel between the divider and case wall, you can capture this angle.

20140124-231014.jpg And then transfer to drawer front.

20140124-231224.jpg. Trim to the line with a plane and Viola! A perfect match. This method is so simple and it works beautifully. Once the fitting of the front was complete, I turned my attention to the sides.

From the back of the chest to the edge of the lock keyhole is a distance of 10-3/4″. I subtracted 1/8″ for movement and trimmed my sides to 10-5/8″ after ripping to rough width and planing to final width. My drawer front has a thickness of 7/8″ and I allowed 1/4″ for the blind portion of this joint and 5/8″ for the tails on the sides. I cut a shallow rebate of 1/16″ on the inside of the drawer sides at the front end for the blind dovetails.


Tomorrow, the first thing I have to do is get another board for the back and bottom of the drawer and then cut and plane to thickness. These two pieces will be 1/2″. Then I can move on to the joinery. Check back again soon. I’m hoping to get a lot done Sat.


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