Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Part 4…

Been a busy day today (Sat). I cut tails on the front end of each side piece.

20140125-232000.jpg Very straight forward with no problems. I then laid out the pins for the first half blind and set about chopping out the waste. Very tedious work and a little slow on the first set. I laid the board flat on the bench top to chop the first set, but stood it up straight and in the vise for the second set. Seemed to go a little faster and smoother.

20140125-232501.jpg This picture shows the first set I did. I over shot one of the sides on the middle tail, but it will still work. Second set was a lot better. I then began work on the drawer runners and their stopped dados.

20140125-233004.jpg I made the runner from the waste for the drawer front and planned it to 9/32″. One stopped dado is complete with a little adjusting required on its runner for perfection. The other stopped dado is laid out but needs to be cut. Once that is complete, I’ll make a run to the lumber yard for another board. I need to cut and prepare a back and bottom to size, joinery for the back to the sides, groove for the bottom, and final assembly. Not sure if I’ll get all of this done on Sun, but I’ll be close. Have a great day and be safe.


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