Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Part 6 Recap…

Mon night I cut the tails and pins for the side to back joinery. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was concerned about the stopped dado but it proved to be a non issue. The day before I picked up a 3-pack of fine coping saw blades from Sears.

20140128-222300.jpg I liked it. The fine blade allowed me to get very close to baseline when removing tail or pin waste. I still messed up with my chisel a little and my sawing got off a little but overall it’s ok. The joinery will work and with the help of some glue, stay together.

20140128-222942.jpg In the picture above, I haven’t fully seated the two pieces, that’s why they’re not flush with each other. I still have a little fitting to do on the other side and then I will cut the groove for my drawer bottom.

20140128-223258.jpg I’m learning a lot of stuff and having some fun. Today, I received two of Chris Schwarz’ books from PWW.

20140128-223928.jpg Might be another late night! Be safe.


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