Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Part 8…

Hello again fellow woodworkers! I’m glad to be woodworking and blogging again. A quick update on my Dad. He came down with C Diff, which is an acronym for some type of bacteria. It gets in your gut and causes a lot of problems. I took Dad to the hospital Mon because he became so dehydrated, dangerously so, and lethargic. He’s taken it very hard and has a long road ahead to recover. He’s receiving excellent care though and we are very fortunate and grateful. Continued thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

Tonight is the first chance I’ve had to do any more work on my drawer and I took advantage of it. I fitted the drawer sides to the back.


20140205-220915.jpg As you can see, they’re not perfect, but they’re tight and very functional. Check out @toddnebbel on Instagram. His work overall is some of the best I’ve seen. Just outstanding. I then laid out the groove for the drawer bottom.


20140205-221203.jpg Tomorrow night I’ll begin to cut these grooves.

On a side note, while I’ve been with my Dad the last few days, I’ve had a lot of time to read. And I’ve managed to read three fourths of “Handsaw Essentials” by Chris Schwarz.

20140205-222401.jpg And I must say, it’s an excellent read. I’m growing into a handsaw nerd/crack head. I love them. There is a ton of useful information in this book and also a lot of fascinating saw history. If you’re interested in building up your own woodworking library, this book is a must have.

Stay warm and be safe. I’ll be back Thu evening.


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