Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Rabbets for Drawer Bottom are Done!…

After everything that went on today, a little woodworking after dinner was just what I needed. I cut a rabbet on 3 sides of the drawer bottom and trimmed them a little here and a little there to ensure a good fit. Still struggling with my skewed rabbet plane some.


20140212-231958.jpg Tomorrow I hope to glue the drawer up. Stay warm and be safe.


4 thoughts on “Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Rabbets for Drawer Bottom are Done!…

  1. I had a lot of problems with my LV skew rabbet plane when I first got it. It’s not a tool I used every time I was in the shop. This is a tool that requires a bit of practice to master – stick with it and you’ll get it.

      1. Also keep in mind that a skew rabbet only goes in one direction. If it is the tearout you are worried about, there isn’t much you can do other than get another skewed rabbet plane that goes ‘left handed.’

        My rabbet plane is square, so it is a simple matter to turn it around and go the other way. Not sure that would work in your case.

      2. My problem is mostly technique I think. My shoulders are not square at the end of the rabbet sometimes. I’m either bearing down to much or trailing off. I would like to try a straight rabbet one of these days. I’m going to get a shoulder plane very soon.

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