Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Slight Modification…

I had a great couple of days off with the Mrs. along with a surprise woodworking experience, which I’ll talk more about in a few days. Tonight I did the final smoothing of the drawer sides and checked the fit in the chest. My stomach sank.

20140217-224308.jpg Notice the problem? When I go to shut the false front, I’m unable to close it.

20140217-224443.jpg I failed to take into account the depth of the runners on the false front. I was a full inch too long after careful re-measurement. I had a couple of solutions to fix the problem and I went with the easiest basically because I’m ready to move on from this project. I marked off the new length on the sides and bottom and cut off the excess.

20140217-225726.jpg I thought I could reuse the back but it didn’t work out. I’ll have to get a new piece for the drawer on Tue. And I’ll join the sides and back with a butt joint with glue and screws.

20140217-225847.jpg Maybe some day I’ll make a new drawer with a proper side to back joinery, but for now, this drawer will work.


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