Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer Glue Up…Part Two…

After work Tue, I stopped by one of the big box home centers here in town and purchased another piece of half inch poplar. I then ripped and cross cut a piece for the drawer back and glued it in place without any trouble. I used a simple butt joint for the side to back joinery and skipped the screws.

20140218-223432.jpg Maybe it’s just me, but ever since I’ve begun hand tool woodworking, I have an aversion to nails and screws in my projects. Perhaps it’s silly and or unrealistic, I don’t know. But if I can utilize a joinery technique instead of nails or screws I will. So that’s why I skipped them. However, I am going to use screws to attach the runners to the chest walls. Pay no attention to me. It’s late, I’m tired, and I’m rambling. Just look at the pretty pictures.

While the drawer was clamped up, I set about accurately locating the runners on the the chest walls.

20140218-224509.jpg I’ve checked my measurements three times and I think I’m correct. However, I’m going to sleep on it and recheck myself Wed evening. In this picture, the top and front edge of the runner are outlined in pencil. Tomorrow evening I need to work on the back one third of each side piece with a smoothing plane. The new back piece pushed the sides out a smidge and they need to be trimmed to fit in the chest. The runners will probably need to be planed down some as well. And then I can drill holes to mount the runners. Stay tuned, warm, and safe.


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