Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Installed!!!…👏👏👏🎉🎊🎉…

I’ve been a little nervous the last couple of days about fastening the runners to the chest, afraid I would screw the whole thing up at the very end. But it was wasted energy, installation went off without a hitch. And the moment of truth when I slid the drawer in??? Nothing to it.

20140220-215109.jpg And the fit was just fine as well.

20140220-215248.jpg For my first drawer, I’m very pleased with the result. I wasted no time in loading it up either.

20140220-215442.jpg One little draw back, you can’t pull the drawer but halfway without having to take it all of the way out, as shown in the last picture. I also planed about 1/8″ off of the door battens and lock so I can engage the lock.

20140220-221120.jpg Although the door would shut, it wasn’t enough to fully engage the lock. A quick and easy fix.

Tomorrow I’m going to prep the front face for finishing and order two drawer pulls. And I’ve decided to go with two Campaign Furniture style drawer pulls. The Schwarz’ new book on that furniture is due out in a couple of weeks and this style really fascinates me.

Next project up is a small box for my daughter, her birthday is Fri, 2/21. I’m also going to be spending some time familiarizing myself with Sketchup 3D. I’m building a small table for a friend and I need some decent drawings. Until next time, stay warm and be safe.


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