Sketchup and a small box…

Fri night and Sat, I spent 5-6 hours off and on learning about the 3D modeling software Sketchup. I down loaded one of Bob Lang’s shop class videos on Sketchup fundamentals from Popular Woodworking magazine and worked halfway through the lessons. I watched the video for a little while, practiced what I saw, watched the video, and so on. Bob’s lessons are well done and straight forward. It’s like he’s right there beside you drinking a cup of coffee explaining how to use the program. Sketchup is very slick and powerful modeling software. I like what I’ve seen because it enables you to quickly make a 3D model of an idea that you may have and see how it will look. You can also make changes to the model and see the change without starting from square one. It requires a little investment in time, but I think it can be a very useful tool for woodworkers.

Sun afternoon, I started on a small box for my daughter. I used some scrap red oak.

20140223-224103.jpg Cut and dimensioned the four side pieces and then cut the tails and pins. Learned a couple of things along the way. One, I need to start the tails at their proper angle instead of vertical and then leaning over. Doing so left my tails rounded at their ends and with a gap from the pins. Two, don’t get too close to the base line with my coping saw. I tried to get as close as I could. Most of the time I was ok. But once I went to far. I bought a 3 pack of very thin blades from Sears of all places and they work great. You can turn some tight corners with them.

20140223-225911.jpg More tomorrow. Have a great Mon.


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