Small Box for Kate…Part 8…Finishing…and some serious leveling…

Woodworking wise, last night and today were great. My better half has been out of town and I was able to do a lot of what I wanted to do.

I’ve been experimenting with different finishes to find one for Kate’s box and I’ve settled on boiled linseed oil. I bought some Thu evening. I have 3 coats on it now and I think I will call it quits. I may apply some lacquer for a top coat not sure. I am a complete green horn about finishes. So feel free to offer any and all comments, critiques, or suggestions.


A couple of days ago, I noticed my bench top was sagging, right in my prime work area. So Fri night, I pulled the bench out, cleared it off, and went to town with my jointer. Recently, I put a small camber on this iron and last night I planed across the bench on both diagonals. A cambered plane iron is the neatest thing since sliced bread and my jointer made short work of the task. Big huge shavings were flying off of the bench with ease. I took my time and was done in 35 minutes. Now my bench is nice and flat.


Because these cambered irons have made such a difference in my work, I decided to take another look at the first step stool I built. The panel glue up did not come out as well as I had hoped and the show sides were not level at all. But they are now. I secured the step stool to my saw bench with two holdfasts, sat down on the bench, and worked on each side. First with my fore plane, then my jointer, and finally my smoother. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently I was able to get each side even across their faces. There’s still quite a bit of tear out because of the boards I chose, but the technique for preparation is sound. Sorry no close up pic. It’s a functional stool but nothing I want anyone to see.

While I was working on the old step stool, I realized that my saw bench was not level side to side and I needed more holes for hold fasts. Fore plane, jointer, level bench.


Tomorrow I buy boards for a small kitchen table I’m making for a friend. I’m also working on n interesting pot holder for my step daughter Stephanie. Be safe.


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