Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Campaign Style Pulls…Done…

Well my apologies dear readers, I have been amiss here lately. The past couple of weeks have had me running ragged with my Dad and my day job. Pop had another short hospital stay right before he was to be discharged from rehab and was delayed a couple of days. Have since been moving him into assisted living. He’s been a great sport about all of the changes, but even good change is stressful at times. Since my last entry, tonight is the first I’ve had the energy to write.

About a week ago, I completed the other drawer pull.

20140325-215243.jpg And they turned out very well. I’m pleased.


20140325-215523.jpg The only difference on the second pull was the amount of waste material I drilled out. I removed a lot more on this pull.

20140325-215856.jpg I just left a little material in the corners for the pull to attach to.

This project was fun and I learned a lot. Londonderry Brasses products are awesome. A chisel can never be too sharp. I need a centering punch for locating screws. Starrett makes a nice one. I really like doing this type of work.

I have two projects going on at the moment. One, a small kitchen table for a friend and two, a step stool for another friends toddler. Be safe and stay tuned, more coming soon.

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