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Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Campaign Style Pulls…

Shortly after I finished my drawer, I had a crazy idea to install campaign style drawer pulls. Chris Schwarz recommended Londonderry Brasses and they did not disappoint. I ordered two of model CP-21.

20140316-232542.jpg The quality is fantastic and Nancy is very nice to work with. I photocopied the backside of each pull and cut and pasted each pic in place to serve as a guide for waste removal.


20140316-233008.jpg I used a 1/2″ Forstner bit on my rinky dink bench top drill press to remove the majority of the waste.

20140316-233227.jpg This particular pull is 3/16″ deep and covers a lot of real estate. I need to go back and remove some additional material. I only need a 3/8″ square in each corner to support and anchor the pull, the rest can be removed. I finished the pocket for one pull and I’m very pleased with it.

20140316-233917.jpg I’m going to install steel screws first and then go back with brass. I’m afraid I’ll snap the brass ones since the wood is red oak. Hopefully I’ll get the second one done Mon night. Be safe.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Installed!!!…👏👏👏🎉🎊🎉…

I’ve been a little nervous the last couple of days about fastening the runners to the chest, afraid I would screw the whole thing up at the very end. But it was wasted energy, installation went off without a hitch. And the moment of truth when I slid the drawer in??? Nothing to it.

20140220-215109.jpg And the fit was just fine as well.

20140220-215248.jpg For my first drawer, I’m very pleased with the result. I wasted no time in loading it up either.

20140220-215442.jpg One little draw back, you can’t pull the drawer but halfway without having to take it all of the way out, as shown in the last picture. I also planed about 1/8″ off of the door battens and lock so I can engage the lock.

20140220-221120.jpg Although the door would shut, it wasn’t enough to fully engage the lock. A quick and easy fix.

Tomorrow I’m going to prep the front face for finishing and order two drawer pulls. And I’ve decided to go with two Campaign Furniture style drawer pulls. The Schwarz’ new book on that furniture is due out in a couple of weeks and this style really fascinates me.

Next project up is a small box for my daughter, her birthday is Fri, 2/21. I’m also going to be spending some time familiarizing myself with Sketchup 3D. I’m building a small table for a friend and I need some decent drawings. Until next time, stay warm and be safe.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer Glue Up…Part Two…

After work Tue, I stopped by one of the big box home centers here in town and purchased another piece of half inch poplar. I then ripped and cross cut a piece for the drawer back and glued it in place without any trouble. I used a simple butt joint for the side to back joinery and skipped the screws.

20140218-223432.jpg Maybe it’s just me, but ever since I’ve begun hand tool woodworking, I have an aversion to nails and screws in my projects. Perhaps it’s silly and or unrealistic, I don’t know. But if I can utilize a joinery technique instead of nails or screws I will. So that’s why I skipped them. However, I am going to use screws to attach the runners to the chest walls. Pay no attention to me. It’s late, I’m tired, and I’m rambling. Just look at the pretty pictures.

While the drawer was clamped up, I set about accurately locating the runners on the the chest walls.

20140218-224509.jpg I’ve checked my measurements three times and I think I’m correct. However, I’m going to sleep on it and recheck myself Wed evening. In this picture, the top and front edge of the runner are outlined in pencil. Tomorrow evening I need to work on the back one third of each side piece with a smoothing plane. The new back piece pushed the sides out a smidge and they need to be trimmed to fit in the chest. The runners will probably need to be planed down some as well. And then I can drill holes to mount the runners. Stay tuned, warm, and safe.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Slight Modification…

I had a great couple of days off with the Mrs. along with a surprise woodworking experience, which I’ll talk more about in a few days. Tonight I did the final smoothing of the drawer sides and checked the fit in the chest. My stomach sank.

20140217-224308.jpg Notice the problem? When I go to shut the false front, I’m unable to close it.

20140217-224443.jpg I failed to take into account the depth of the runners on the false front. I was a full inch too long after careful re-measurement. I had a couple of solutions to fix the problem and I went with the easiest basically because I’m ready to move on from this project. I marked off the new length on the sides and bottom and cut off the excess.

20140217-225726.jpg I thought I could reuse the back but it didn’t work out. I’ll have to get a new piece for the drawer on Tue. And I’ll join the sides and back with a butt joint with glue and screws.

20140217-225847.jpg Maybe some day I’ll make a new drawer with a proper side to back joinery, but for now, this drawer will work.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Glued up…

Smoothed my drawer bottom this evening and then set out to glue everything together. I’m really glad I took the time to ensure that all of the joinery fit well. Because I reached for a clamp to finish squeezing the final side home and my longest clamp was too short! I grabbed my mallet and a caul and set all of the joints with some force. Everything came out nice and square but I learned another good lesson.

20140213-223643.jpg I still need to run a smoothing plane over the outside of the drawer, mount the runners in the tool chest, finish the outside, and mount two drawer pulls. Plenty still left to do. I will be away from the shop Fri and Sat. The Mrs. and I are going on a little trip. Stay warm and be safe.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Rabbets for Drawer Bottom are Done!…

After everything that went on today, a little woodworking after dinner was just what I needed. I cut a rabbet on 3 sides of the drawer bottom and trimmed them a little here and a little there to ensure a good fit. Still struggling with my skewed rabbet plane some.


20140212-231958.jpg Tomorrow I hope to glue the drawer up. Stay warm and be safe.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Part 11…bottom glue up…

Didn’t get a whole lot of wood working done tonight. Busy day at work and also with my Dad. But I did get the drawer bottom glued together.

20140211-214103.jpg About as exciting as watching paint dry. Tomorrow night I’ll work the drawer bottom’s rabbet.

I know one of my readers, Jeff Branch, is in AL. If anyone else is in the path of the next snow storm, I hope you stay warm and safe.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Fixing a D’oh!…

Once I finished the bottom groove in the front piece, I couldn’t resist the urge to dry fit the sides of my drawer. I even tried a test fit in the tool chest and all went good except for one tiny problem.

20140210-210946.jpg Somehow or another, this particular side ended up lower than its twin. That means the top of the groove is lower than it should be and my drawer bottom was not going to fit. Having a Starrett 6″ 4R ruler in this situation was a real plus. The clear and precise 32nd hash marks allowed me to easily determine how much to widen this particular groove. Because as long as the top of the groove is even around the drawer, the lip in the bottom can be any thickness. One side of the bottom will have a rabbet 1/8″ deep with a 3/8″ thick lip while the other side and front will have a rabbet 1/4″ deep and a lip 1/4″ thick. But the drawer bottom will be level. I widen this particular groove 3/32″, or 19/32″ from the bottom of its side.

20140210-212625.jpg I also had to raise the bottom of the back piece and I kind of did a hack job on it. So I won’t show any pics of it. If this drawer were going in anything other than my tool chest, I would redo the side and back piece or start over. But for my purposes right now, it will do just fine. The joinery is solid as a rock and will last a hundred years and most people will never see the back of this drawer. I’ve learned a lot building it and that was a big part of this project. I’m also getting a cool drawer for my chest that will allow me to efficiently a store and organize a lot of loose items in my chest. Plus it will give me more room for some joinery planes and tools.

Sunday afternoon and evening I managed to cut two boards to rough length for the bottom and planed the two edges that will make a butt joint.

20140210-214842.jpg Tomorrow I hope to glue them together. In the meantime, stay warm and be safe.

Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Part 10…Last bottom groove…

Between 3 trips to the hospital to see my Dad today (he’s slowly improving), I was able to cut the bottom groove in the front piece. And I cut it much like I would a regular dado. I deepened the gage line with a chisel, worked the toe of my cross cut saw backwards along the length of this line to establish a kerf, and sawed the upper line to depth because it passed through a tail at both ends. The lower gage line ended in a pin and only allowed me to saw 1/8″ deep. Using my 3/16″ chisel, I cut the waste from end to end and then zipped it out. I then used my router to remove the remaining waste by extending the cutter in 1/64 – 1/32″ increments until I had a final depth of 1/4″. The red oak was too hard to handle with any deeper cuts.


20140208-220523.jpg Tomorrow I’ll cut pieces for my drawer bottom, glue up pieces, cut a rabbet on 3 sides of the bottom, and do a dry fit. Speaking of chisels, I am really finding my 3/16″ to be quite handy. It’s small size allows access to a lot of tight areas but it is in no way small on strength. I use it as hard as my 1/2″ and it hangs right in there. If you’ve considered buying one, I recommend this size. Stay warm and be safe.