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Dutch Tool Chest…Drawer…Campaign Style Pulls…

Shortly after I finished my drawer, I had a crazy idea to install campaign style drawer pulls. Chris Schwarz recommended Londonderry Brasses and they did not disappoint. I ordered two of model CP-21.

20140316-232542.jpg The quality is fantastic and Nancy is very nice to work with. I photocopied the backside of each pull and cut and pasted each pic in place to serve as a guide for waste removal.


20140316-233008.jpg I used a 1/2″ Forstner bit on my rinky dink bench top drill press to remove the majority of the waste.

20140316-233227.jpg This particular pull is 3/16″ deep and covers a lot of real estate. I need to go back and remove some additional material. I only need a 3/8″ square in each corner to support and anchor the pull, the rest can be removed. I finished the pocket for one pull and I’m very pleased with it.

20140316-233917.jpg I’m going to install steel screws first and then go back with brass. I’m afraid I’ll snap the brass ones since the wood is red oak. Hopefully I’ll get the second one done Mon night. Be safe.